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The Science Behind Your Thoughts Becoming Things

So, I’m Catholic. And, us Catholics have a saint for everything. Music, sports, even hangovers (see: St. Bibiana).

The patron saint of lost things is St. Anthony.

Praying that your thoughts become things.

Whenever I can’t find something, I pray over and over in my head “St. Anthony, St. Anthony, come around. Something is lost that needs to be found.” I literally always find what I’m looking for.

But, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time pondering whether or not St. Anthony’s got a personal interest in me finding the straw to my Ninja hot/cold multi serve cup (seriously I lose it and find it at least once a week). Or, if I find it because, through the repetition of my prayer to St. Anthony, I have completely and totally focused my thoughts on finding that damn straw! Did my focused thoughts lead me to find what I was looking for? 

Metaphysics says ‘yes’. Metaphysics says I’ve found my straw through science; not a miracle. 

Thoughts become things. Period. Fact. End of story.

It is true. Every single aspect of your life: every possession, every event, every experience; began as a simple thought. 

So, how does it work?

how to make your thoughts become things

Well, we are all energy. Everything is energy. Energy attracts like energy. This is similar to a magnet. We pull in energy that matches our own energy. This energy controls our thoughts. If we are conjuring positive thoughts, we also radiate positive energy.

Likewise, if we have negative thoughts, we also put out negative energy. When we give these thoughts substance, they are made manifest, and become things

I’m sure you’re asking; “If thoughts become things, why aren’t I living on my own private island, sipping tropical drinks all day?” I mean, don’t we all think about that, like, all the time?

And that is the question that most often trips people up when subscribing to this theory.  Wait for it… not EVERY thought becomes a thing. EVERY thing started as a thought; but not EVERY thought becomes a thing. 

Another pitfall? Most of our thoughts are negative.

We spend far more time thinking about what could go wrong, what we don’t want, what we are afraid of; than we spend thinking about our dreams, goals, and aspirations. If thoughts become things and our thoughts are negative…. we’ll you can see where this is going. Thinking negative thoughts attracts negativity to your future. 

So, to summarize, every thing in existence began as a simple thought in someone’s mind. It is up to us and our energy to determine whether we manifest positive or negative things. By completely and totally focusing your positive thoughts, you will make your dreams a reality. 

Now, go find your “straw”; and believe that you will.

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