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Email Follow Up with Past Contacts: How + Why

Today I woke up feeling super duper energized!

I realized last week, that I was never super vocal to potential and past clients about the pivot I’d made in my niche. When I started out, I was primarily proofreading and writing general copy. I’ve since pivoted to focus the majority of my work on blogging and Pinterest.

Just last week, a client I had worked on for a single project back in August, happened upon my LinkedIn profile and had no clue I’m a Pinterest pro. Long story short, I’m now running her business Pinterest account.

This got me thinking about just how many people don’t know exactly what I do. So, I went back through old emails and got in contact with people I worked with, pitched to, or connected with before my pivot. I went back through my emails – all the way to July. Hey, I said I was feeling energized!

I’ve already gotten from two positive replies and it’s only been a few hours!

Here’s a sample of what I sent:

“It’s been a while since we chatted over the summer! I love following along with your life and business on Instagram. In fact, one of your posts on IG made me completely rethink doing a business photo shoot that just really didn’t feel like me. I’m also loving your podcast! I listen as soon as it comes out and really value your advice and guidance. Recently, I even just recommended it to a friend.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently pivoted my offerings from general VA tasks to specifically focusing on blogging/content marketing and Pinterest marketing.

Some of the primary things I’m offering are:

Monthly blog content planning/calendaring.

– Organizing teams of blog contributors, editing their posts, and loading them into WordPress.

– Organizing teams of blog contributors, editing their posts, and loading them into WordPress.

– Writing blog posts for strong female soloprenuers, nutritionist, and food bloggers (optimized for SEO and loaded into WP).

– Turning podcast/YouTube video transcripts into blog posts (optimized for SEO and loaded into WP).

– Creating Pinterest calendar and strategy for business and executing on it (including pin creation, pinning, and repinning).

– Refreshing and branding business Pinterest accounts (keyword optimizing board descriptions, creating board cover images, adjusting setting and connections for optimal look and searchability).

If you are in need of any of these services or if you have friends/colleagues who might be – I’d love to chat:

Wishing you so much love and continued success!”

Reaching Out to Past Contacts

Taking time periodically to check in with past contacts or clients through email follow up is an invaluable practice for your business. Of course, you can do this through your newsletter, but that can feel a bit impersonal.

Sending out personal email follow up whenever there is a new development in your business can spark new work or referrals. And, who doesn’t want that!

Let me know, do you stay in regular contact with past clients or contacts? How often do you connect through email? Do you use your newsletter or send personal emails? What’s worked best for you?

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